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No Country for **Young** Women?

This also isn't about the Joel and Ethan Coen film.

It's just a quick speculation about UW Student Amanda Knox and her Italian experience. I travelled prior to starting school, very close to Knox's age and can understand some of what she was going through. The move 'Talented Mr. Ripley' is perhaps the most relevant profile - and, IMO, Damon's best.

But, please, sexual games leading to murder? This girl, yea, girl, sure can put up the sweet innocent face, but there is enough evidence and contradiction to make it very clear that there is a darker side to this female - in spite of first appearances.

The question I ask you gentle reader - is the UW spoiling young women? Being a punk is not an unusual thing - I'd be suspicious of anyone who never had a phase of that sort. Training young people to become responsible adults is the JOB of the UW and evidence would indicate they are failing in that regard, perhaps critically.

Not every spoiled punk becomes a homicidal sexual or financial control freak, but the profile is similar. How about instead of affirmative action starting at the youngest of ages we learn, as a community, to complete those final stages of becoming an adult.

As to those old white male control freaks - it wouldn't hurt to get rid of them - not to mention quite a few 'diverse' folks of a younger age who have fallen for some of those same temptations. Yea, that includes UW Regent Bill Gates Sr, father of Micrsoft Bill Jr.


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