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      May 5, 2015

      Visiting the Dinetah, the Navajo Homeland


      Largo (Canyon) School Ruin Looking North

      Dine' is Navajo for 'the people' and the Dinetah is where the tribe has its origins. The Navajo, as a 'formal' tribe, is historically recent coming together in the aftermath of the Pueblo revolt at the end of the 17th Century SouthEast of what is today Farmington, New Mexico. This history is fascinating, though not fully documented.

      The 'pueblitos' of this area were built largely for defensive purposes and it is believed that they were for defense from raiding Utes coming from the North, not retaliatory Spaniards coming from Santa Fe further SouthEast.

      This is predominately oil and gas land which means plenty of roads, but all of these sites would be difficult to visit under wet conditions. For more info see the BLM Website.


      '44' Panel in Crow Canyon

      April 25, 2015

      A Harvest of Reluctant Souls

      'A Harvest of Reluctant Souls'

      By Fray Alonso de Benavides


      Translated by Baker H. Morrow


      The history of the New Mexico area is the longest in the US - the first European to come through the area was Cabeza De Vaca sometime after 1527 in his eight year journey from a Florida Coast shipwreck to Sinaloa. The Puebloan cities were the source for the legend of the 'Seven Cities of Gold' which inspired Coronado to invade the area with Montezumaesque visions. Juan de Onate woud lead the first settlers to the area in 1598 and the long standing capital Santa Fe was founded in 1610.

      This book was published in 1630 (15 Years after the 2nd Volume of Cervante's 'Don Quixote') by the Franciscan de Benavides from a fundraising report to the Pope. Its historical accuracy is certainly questionable, but it is also a very accessible authentic document of the period.

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      March 23, 2015


      Growth for the sake of Growth alone is the ideology of the Cancer cell.
      -Edward Abbey
      (Author of Desert Solitaire and The Monkey Wrench Gang)

      My corrolary-

      Wealth for the sake of Wealth alone is the ideology of the Cancer cell.

      February 20, 2015

      Gay Marriage in Utah and the Legal Algebra of 'Equal Justice'

      Kudos to Utah based Federal Judge Robert J. Shelby for striking down that state's ban on gay marriage.

      Curiously though this decision may have an impact on another aspect of marriage practice for which the State is even more famous - the historical practice of polygamy.

      Aside from the completely evil practices of pedophillic sexual slavery engendered commonly within polygamy is there any difference, fundamentally, between that practice and gay marriage? My answer, very clearly, is no. Both involve non-typical forms of marriage between consenting adults, do they not?

      And, FWIW, it would also be completely legal to establish a contractual relationship outside of civil marriage laws between multiple individuals, would it not?

      February 6, 2015

      God and the Dialectical Process

      Selections from the book:

      In Season Out of Season
      an introduction to the thought of Jacques Ellul

      Madeleine Garrigou-LaGrange


      I became conscious, as I worked and thought, that I needed to interpret all things in a dialectical manner.

      Marx is one of those that led me to this realization, but I was much more attracted at first by his economic interpretation than by the philosophical aspect of his thought. Much later I was to realize that Christianity and biblical thought are dialectical.

      I want to clarify that the dialectic presupposes history. It is not enough to pose a positive factor and a negative factor (good and evil as dialectical forces). There has to be a passage of time for the two contradictory factors to come into relationship.

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      December 11, 2014

      University of VIRGINia @ Ferguson

      Recent developments in the University of Virginia http:// story are very disturbing.

      Perhaps most disturbing is http:// NPR's coverage, lead by the 'tag-team' of Audie Cornish and Jennifer Ludden which, upon the discovery of these facts decry not the false allegations, but on continuing unsubstantiated hate mongering about college rape.

      As they say, rape is not about sex, but about power, control, and violence. I submit, dear reader, an alternative theory for this case - the 'rapists' in this case are NPR, Rolling Stone, and the Hillary white female lawyer establishment, including Obama's DOJ.

      Certainly, the blacks of Ferguson, MO are being, in this sense, raped by their police force. Perhaps this has even been a core element of 'policing' under Judeo-Roman law ever since Christ?

      November 4, 2014

      A crack in the wall of the 'Uber DV' of post 2008 American Policing

      Having been motivated to follow the recent coverage of the La Plata County Sheriff race I am surprised at the lack of outrage of the threatening behavior of current Sheriff Duke Schirard in his efforts to combat Domestic Violence allegations. These threats are to our Republic’s institutions as domestic violence is to a family.

      Personally, I believe this abusive governmental authority, under color of State Law, to be the very root of the cycle of abuse – abuse whose very worst example is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ under Judeo-Roman law two millennia ago. Call it ‘uber DV’, if you will.

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      November 3, 2014

      For the Racists - The Historical Definition of the 50% Obama FAILURE

      President Barack Obama, like every person and every corporate person/government hybrid was not 'too big to fail'. Like all of Washington D.C. and its lobbyist represented corporate collaborators he, at best, did in fact fail.

      Still, as the first partially black president he has much to be proud of, even if he did reduce the civil rights of his constituency and the world more so than he advanced those of african descent.

      Although many who will help to realize this failure are quite racist the ironic fact is that Obama's failures do not stem from his black half, they come from his white half. Frankly, and rhetorically, his failure comes from his white female 'Hilary' half.

      October 28, 2014

      Four Points on Abortion

      1. Abortion is a choice.

      2. Choosing an abortion might be a bad choice and anyone is free to state that opinion.

      3. It is NEVER a bad choice to choose to have a child.

      4. It is ALWAYS a bad choice to harass others who disagree with you and there is nothing worse than those who politically pander to the haters. We should ABORT these players.

      June 24, 2014

      John Kerry's 'Man Up' Opportunity

      John Kerry should seize the day and 'Man Up' himself while in Iraq.

      History has shown that the DC/Corporate establishment fought a bully war in that Country composed of out of control Vietnam era loser thugs utilizing Abu Ghraib sexual harassment. Although Secretary of State John Kerry's boss, Barack Obama, did end that war he also took those same techniques to the 'bi-partisan' management of America.

      Post 2008 the 'too big to fail' thugs have alternately called the average, honest American, either a hippie commie terrorist or a woman hating raping pervert.

      Although you may well believe that the First Amendment right to discuss our government with accurate information is a crime and that Julian Assange is a rapist and Edward Snowden a traitor you are, illustratively, completely misguided.

      Mr. Kerry, the law is the law and it is you who should 'Man Up' by spending your days in Baghdad in the yuppie corporate Auschwitz of modern day urban homeless. Additionally you should have the decency to make a daily visit to the entrance of Abu Ghraib and publicly 'do' yourself.

      You can handle that, can't you? Or do you hold yourself above your own laws?


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