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Postcard from Durango

I'm a bit behind on my blog thoughts - I've switched my hosting provider in the last month. I attempted to upgrade to the latest version of Movable Type. In hindsight that was a bad idea, the latest version is actually less functional than the current - being more focused on the individual user market. The transition is also not as smooth as it could be, unless has a direct knowledge of the particular XHTML/Style Sheet approach used by MT.

I've been hoping to bring my HTML skills current by diving into the open Movable Type programming approach, but haven't found the time yet. Hosting providers do provide this service, but it isn't one I can afford at this time, so back to basics, eh.

I'm writing this from the beautiful town of Durango Colorado, about as far as you can get from Seattle in the West - Geographically. Politically though it is far closer than either McCain's Arizona or Hatch's Utah. Go Figure!

Weather here is in the upper 70's, in the foothills of the Wenimuch mountains - absolutely perfect. It may well be the perfect medicine for what the doctor ordered - certainly the winter in Tacoma was a dark one for me - whatever all of those reasons might be.



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