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Tina Fey and the Bush Doctrine of Pre-emptive War

I'm gonna take Charlie Gibson to task for his interview of Palin, and call it an intellectually dishonest 'ambush'.

Yes, pretty much every thinking person is aware of the concept of 'pre-emptive' war, but calling it the Bush Doctrine is something new, and not in common useage. Although Mr. Gibson is trying to come across as the tough, revealing reporter the only thing he accomplished was a 'post-preemptive' destruction of his credibility.

That said, I do like the term 'Bush Doctrine', and hopefully it will come to be a commonly known phrase.

To ABC's credt George Will, on the Stephanopolous Sunday show, did make this observation as well (confirming also my suspicisions). BTW, Stephanopolous, a former PR guy for the Clintons, does a good show. His biases are well known and ackowledged and he, as with the rest of the Clinton team, maintains an open mind - and presentation.

He also played the quickly becoming famous Tina Fey satire (from NBC's Saturday Night Live) of Palin citing her foreign policy experiences as 'Heck, I can see Russia from my House...'.


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