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Un Chien Andalou

Un Chien Andalou
(An Andalusian Dog)

Directed by Luis Bunuel

Written by Bunuel and Salvador Dali, with a cameo by Dali - the priest


As far as this blog is concerned this is the granddaddy of all classic flicks. I'm just discovering Bunuel, the Madrid classmate of Dali and Garcia Lorca. This movie was his first, a very short 15 minutes, but also as impactful as any 21st century full length Hollywood feature. His last movie was in 1977, nearly 50 years.

"L'Age D'Or" was his second, banned in France until 1980. In 1972 he received a foreign language nod from the Motion Picture Academy for "The Discrete Charm of the Bourgesie".

There may well be no plot to this movie, though definitely it is about perception, sex, as well as marriage and the church."Un Chien Andalou" does include some 'second base' sexual shots that were provocative in their day. I'd highly reccomend this for a short introduction to a Halloween horror party, it will blow your guests minds.

It may be a crime to seperate a clip from the entire movie, but here's the famous opening shot.


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