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Emerald Property Rights, #6 - A man and his motley tools

The 2008 iconic 'joe the plumber' most likely owns his own tools - motley or not.

This is a good example of the perspective I'm shooting at here as Wall Street crashes because ot it's very poorly 'owned' tools.

If 'Joe' does buy his a plumbing business he will be buying not tools and vans so much as an organization - buth having worked his way up in the field he will have a very good, very fair, shot at making it work.

This stands in start contrast to the way corporate america now works - where the primary qualification is not ability, but rather one's willingness to NOT hold others in the organization accountable for their actions.

Hopefully Joe will also be a member of his community, including an active involvement in business, non-profit, and government affiliated organizations.


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