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Main Street - Metropolitan Seattle aka 'Nickelsville'

Main Street in Metropolitan Puget Sound, Metropolitan Seattle, as 'they' would prefer is no longer 3rd Avenue. Main Street in this city-region is now I-5 or 405, with the various malls strong along it's length as our new 'main' street businesses.

The folks at Sound Transit would like to make main street for this region their light rail system, and, though I'm currently an opponent (for financial and legal reasons) they do have a shot at it. Given the current people in charge this is a very scary thing.

Sound Transit is currently controlled by the law firm of Foster Pepper Shefelman. I testified at a recent meeting about the financial and legal practices of this firm, given the recent failure of another institution they control, Washington Mutual Bank. In addition I also pointed out a specific example of managerial ommission in Tacoma/Pierce County the bike trail crossing of Pacific Avenue at the Sounder location, as per the GMA mandated Tacoma Comp Plan under employee Chris Larson.

A telling quote from FPS senior Partner Judy Runstad, former land use czaress at the City of Seatte, from a Jean Godden column in 2001. (Godden and Runstad share hair stylists, as well as money from FPS and hubby Jon Runstad)

Fame game: Guess who's about to enter the Hall of Fame? The University of Idaho Alumni Association has named Seattle attorney Judith Runstad one of four distinguished alums for 2001. She'll be inducted into the U of I's Hall of Fame on May 17.

Runstad has been a prominent player on the Seattle scene - as a land-use lawyer with Foster Pepper and Shefelman, an active force in the development of Seattle's downtown and a former Federal Reserve Bank director.

Modest to a fault about her term as a federal "banker," Runstad once joked that she owed her tennis game to the U of I professor who taught Econ 101.

She said, "It was very boring, and I attended none of it, except for the final exam."

One thing for sure, Main Street in Western Washington still runs by the offices of Foster, Pepper and Sheflman.

Here's a couple more pics of current ST players:

ST Executive Director, Former Financial Officer for the Port of Seattle (still being audited by Brian Sonntag)

Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon and long time County Councilmember Pete Von Reichbauer. I wasn't aware they were friends. This could be a good sign, but Reardon is playing the politics to the advantage of Snohomish County at the expense of Pierce, and the benefit of King.

Of course the elephant in the room is still King County Executive Ron Sims, who should definitely show himself prior to November 4.


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