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Main Street, South Chicago

Chicago is home not only to Barack Obama, but also the University of Chicago, home of the 'Chicago School' of Economics, on it's south side, the historically poor black area.

As you will recall supply side economics, the idealogy of the Reagan/Bush era was a product of this institution.

It is tempting to cite this current economic meltdown as failure not just of the Federal level of the Republican Party, but also of this economic ideology.

I don't agree with that, though I would also question as to whether 'supply side' economics has just meant that we have a greater number of corporate cheats with an authority based on a corrupted regulatory system.

Supply side economics, like the government stimulus ideas of Keynesian econ from the depression is still valid, but it is time for us to take another step in this ideology.

If Barack Obama is elected president, this may well happen in Chicago.

I've personally been there, but never further than the pedestrian conveyor belts of O'Hare International or the Interstate. Perhaps it is time to go?


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