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Republican Bear, Democratic Bull?

Democratic investors are emerging as slightly different breed of animal on Wall Street - having been through a few 'cyclical' lessons lately. I believe the up market we say yesterday was the result of Democratic Bulls while today's down move was probably driven by Republicans.

The first of those cyclical lessons was the collapse of the high tech 'Massachusett's Miracle' prior to Dukakis's run against George H. W. - followed of course by the Internet bust of 1999/2000 prior to Gore's candidacy. Personally, I think there were actually Republicans who may well have been trying the same thing this time around as well - not that they'll try that again. Not that 'they' haven't pulled plenty of cash out of circulation in the last months of Bush II.

I'd also bet Republicans are doing pretty well in cash equivalent these days. According to KUOW this morning 25 Billion of Paulson's 700 has been paid out in bank dividends, the other initial 100 has been used to buy smaller banks, those NOT needing to be bailed out.

I don't have any specific stock picks for you for a Democratic administration - no doubt Warren Buffet is playing that - and hopefully NOT Barack.... and GHW Bush's best friend right now might well be a particular Bear named Vladamir...


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