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Frank Chopp's Viaduct Proposal - Negotiating Genius?

The usual Downtown Seattle suspects are blasting at Frank Chopp's proposal for the Viaduct replacement, but, as usual, aren't coming up with the money for their preferred alternative. Chopp's ideas might be just the way to get them to put up or shut up.

Chief among these proponents is Tayloe Washburn.

Washburn is an established bully who lost a million dollar judgement for witness tampering in a land use case - his firm is Foster, Pepper, Shefelman, recently losing a client they controlled, WAMU.

There are valid arguments worthy of further consideration here - starting with the fact that the Viaduct would create a LOT of additional space, including retail (which is why the DSA is joining in on this one). But, consider this, perhaps expanding the Pike Place Public Market is a MUCH better place to put our public dollars, rather than subsidizing PC abusive pseudo business people that do nothing but suck on their communities with their arrogant incompetence?
Lastly, the downtown folks are stating that you can't combine road and building structures due vibration and noise. I don't take that statement as authorative, though it is very relevant. Consider, for example, potential cost savings of building low-income housing as a part of Freeway structures? Certainly, if well designed, the overall strength of both housing and road is increased, and, I would hope, at a cost savings in the double use of the land - something they are not making more of in Downtown Seattle.

Unless, of course, you are Frank Chopp!


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