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Rand and Rachel, Racist?

I've been considering the Rachel Maddow interview of Rand Paul over the last week considerably perhaps THE issue of the moment in these changing times. Here's the interview, what looks like a 'racist' ambush to me, if you missed it.

Maddow and Paul

Much of the media picked up on this particular meme very quickly, including the New York Times who quite deliberately misled readers about specifically what was said.

Most of what I've read has been very polarized, and I think missed the crucial issues. On my Facebook page I'm fortunate enough to have some great folks who come to those issues from each direction, but with an open mind. If you have the time to read this through I think you'll get a better sense of this particular zeitgeist issue than you'll get from anywhere else.

Tooley's Facebook Discussion about racism and Rand Paul

(Click through for my personal conclusions.)

In my opinion there is a fundamental error in judgment of those assailing Mr. Paul for racism - it is true that anti-regulatory stance of Libertarians would make it easier for a racist business to exist - yet Libertarians themselves, highly principled people, are much less likely to actually **be** racist.

I'd go so far as to say that those who accuse Rand of being racist are in fact engaging in the same sort of bias as they claim to be attacking.

I don't consider myself a 'pure' Libertarian, more of a practical one, favoring the reduction of regulation where possible and an expectation that individuals should control themselves. I think this incident does prove the need for regulation in general, and the most egregious cases of racism in particular - for one it would save the Libertarian Party from being tarred and feathered with racists who choose to operate under their banner.

The fact is that with the Constitution, as written, interstate business is regulated by Congress - personally I'd rather have it be limited to medium to large corporations as opposed to the small owner operated place with ten employees or so - but the match is still pretty good, perhaps good enough - as most smaller businesses don't cross State lines and most large corporations most certainly do (as well as international boundaries!)

Rand Paul's defense of BP in this regard does strike me as wrong, and something he should be held to account for. FWIW, I see a similar problem with his namesake Ayn Rand between her two most famous books - "Fountainhead" being about the triumph of the individual, "Atlas Shrugged" an excuse for corporatism.

Ms. Maddow and her corporate controllers are also in need of some appropriate 'regulation' - planting a liberal 'hate' meme that serves only to benefit mainstream Republicans is disgusting.

Perhaps we need to establish Libertarians and Political Independents as a protected class, under a modified Civil Rights Act!


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