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'Socialism', Law and the "Span of Economic Control"

Do the public own the practice of the law or do they own us, our jobs, our families, and our individual souls? 'Span of Control'; analyzing who really controls what is a good tool to analyze this.

It is a rather curious fact that 'Law and Order' Republicans rely so much on court records to determine wages, all the more so in this intellectual information age. Is this socialism?

It most definitely is not, it is felony thuggery.

This is the case only if one has any sort of brush with the law - even a false arrest that has later been shown to be an abuse of process.

For the rest of us though we still face this control through more subtle methods that amount to nothing more than extortion.

Perhaps the largest scale version of this in recent history is the concept of certain favored corporations 'being too big to fail'.

'Too big to fail' is nothing but a legal/policy fiction doing nothing but protecting institutionalized thugs.

The law, including those many "officers of the court" practicing in the legislative branch has taken over both our Republic and our Free Market. Partisan wrangling is nothing but smoke and mirrors - in the end the resulting settlement is just another screwing of the vast majority of the country.

The practice of law, in a broad sense, has failed, as have their preferred clients.


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