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One Independent for Obama

Independent voters are breaking strongly for Romney, on the basis of his relatively moderate debate appearances, I, however, do not buy what's being sold. It is quite true that Obama is selling, largely, the same product - and that is a question of the lesser of two evils.

Most disconcerting to me is the acceptance of Wall Street corruption **combined with** continued Bush era Department of Justice abuses, such as indefinite detention for American citizens. Corporate America is not too big to fail, it has failed - and, by my own personal experience it has become quite irrational in its ongoing, energetic, but ultimately destructive endeavors.

Perhaps the worst of these behaviors is **judicial** pandering to racial, and gender, victims of abuse of many different kinds. Many of these individuals have become the stereotypical victim become perpetrator - a dynamic which is likely the biggest selling point for the Republican Party these days.

This is full blown, universal human rights, Hitler class, evil - the encouragement of destructive and abusive hate as a divide and conquer strategy of the hidden elite, and their legal representation.

Obama is no virgin in this, but his pro-business efforts are not to be condemned without qualification either. It is up to all of us to end this abuse, and, to be frank, I have more faith in the healthy, and progressing, members of our minority communities to do this than I do in the moribund, science denying, self-righteous American 'business' right.

Obama will not be the savior of this Country, that is up to all of us - up to us to out-compete, and outsell, the Wall Street/National Republican Party mob. Obama will, under pressure, allow this. Romney will not and the only ones who will get any 'trickle down' from his fellow vulture capitalists will be those complicit in this, at its heart, raging uncontrollably evil, conspiracy.


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