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December 25th, 2013


I’ve just returned from a sunny Christmas Day hike, out my backdoor, in the foothills of the south slope of the San Juan Mountains.. These days a hike of mine is not a very long event, but, thankfully there is plenty of magic within that range, not to mention plenty more backcountry to inspire meditations upon possible, tempting, future routes.

Today I found an awesome view/meditation spot, in the cliffs exactly above the abode where I have been living for six months. At the top, there are several ledges about seat height stepping back from the main cliff, with several ‘bonsai’ type pines extending out over the edge. The only difference between these trees and an ‘authentic’ Bonsai is that these are full size, fully ‘real’, if you will. In any case, a spot I will return to – at least until someone rolls down one of those ledge rocks unto my bedroom!

This is my first Journal entry since March – written near Grand Junction, one of my final 40 months of living out of my white Ranger pickup since my 2010 foreclosure – and also as my recent sickness was just starting to manifest.

Meditating on health is a very important skill to learn, and there is no better place to do so than outdoors – both under physical stress and while relaxing. Holistic science is a persecuted and abused step child at the moment, not unlike paganism itself has been persecuted by the Roman Christian Church. Curiously, paganism may well prove to be the best way to organize our biological sciences – with the burden for good health not flowing from some omnipotent god but from our own ability to perceive our bodies, and our actions, in a holistic fashion. I suspect the Zen Buddhists are the best at this and that much of Oriental Medicine arrives from the ability of practitioners of these traditions to perceive the specific benefits of the herbal menu upon themselves. And don’t forget that those same remedies were the starting point for much of the American synthesized pharmacopia.

This is a road that needs to be walked further – both through my own space, as works best for me, as well as that of others. Hopefully I can be aware enough of what is happening to capture at least of my journeys that will also be of use to you.

I have many roads to walk, and disease or accident of some sort is a risk, a fact of life, on all. I will walk many of these roads alone, but I hope they lead me to places where you too might have found yourself.



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