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A crack in the wall of the 'Uber DV' of post 2008 American Policing

Having been motivated to follow the recent coverage of the La Plata County Sheriff race I am surprised at the lack of outrage of the threatening behavior of current Sheriff Duke Schirard in his efforts to combat Domestic Violence allegations. These threats are to our Republic’s institutions as domestic violence is to a family.

Personally, I believe this abusive governmental authority, under color of State Law, to be the very root of the cycle of abuse – abuse whose very worst example is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ under Judeo-Roman law two millennia ago. Call it ‘uber DV’, if you will.

My motivation to follow this race closely comes from my own ‘DV’ issue with two individuals working for Schirard on a sexual allegation that was; on the face of the incident report itself, without cause. Ironically, my complaints about this behavior were retaliated against by a number of parties, including one of the more despicable examples of local corporate business ‘personhood’. Though Duke Schirard complains about being falsely accused of Domestic Violence he engages in exactly this same behavior, ‘uber DV’, in his defense as do Senior and Supervisory members of his organization when faced with an evidenced based charge of improper sexually motivated investigation.

The support of community members, staff, and spouses for Schirard evidenced in letters to the Durango Herald might appear to be admirable but in this age of the yet unaccounted ‘too big to fail’ Federal corporate regime the complicity of those that have economic ties to his local regime of legal authority should be a cause for concern, and action. One suspects that, at best, these individuals are in fact failures. In the case of Mr. Schirard’s spouses one must wonder if there is a ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ effect at work, where the once victim becomes a partner in the crimes of the alleged perpetrator.

Further, the tolerance of this behavior on the part of District Attorney Risberg and Durango Police Chief James Spratlen raises additional questions about the true source and political scope of this abuse – as well as any citizen’s right to seek recourse against his government – a fundamental aspect of our Constitution surpassing all others, including the freedom of speech discussion worthy right to bear arms. Call it constitutional contempt, if not rape, of the people Mr. Schirard have sworn to serve, not to mention the full extent of abusive Ferguson style policing as a result of the bi-partisan legal leadership of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

No doubt there are a few corporate businesses that support Mr. Schirard but I truly pray that most of the business community, and the citizens of La Plata County, have saw fit to throw this ‘bum’ out of office and that he will soon find his proper, lawful, place in our economic and governmental society.

As the razing of Jerusalem showed the failure of the legal strategy of the rape murder of that man of the people, Christ let us all work with Sean Smith to see that the failures of US Corporate law are brought to full account, not just here in La Plata County but throughout the Region, State, and Nation.


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