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The Tool, Neil Gorsuch, and Post 2008 Property Rights

I've never met the Trump Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, but I have been before the Federal Tenth Court of Appeals on three separate occasions. The Court - based in Denver and serving Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Oklahoma, Utah, and New Mexico - is a strange hybrid of bi-partisan western progressiveness and more conservative practices. I've only been in the State of Colorado for 6 years now, but it appears that the conservative influences come from the neighboring state of Texas and its oil and gas money. The State Governor, Democrat John Hickenlooper, a former oil and gas engineer, evidences this influence.

The most significant of my appearances before this body dealt with a post foreclosure crisis camping ticket which violated my constitutional rights, and, equally, was used to justify the confiscation of my personal property maliciously and without due process. This property right precedent is important.

Notably, the Tenth Circuit has authorized the taking of property and constitutional rights in such a fashion as to authorize its use against the Texas based conspiracy which used economic 'Shock' techniques to illegally take over the United States economy during the post 2008 period, under color of state law. The case was also appealed to the Supreme Court, but was not heard.

The particular forms of continuing legal retaliation this now disabled victim of these practices has experienced is all the more telling. This Colorado history curiously also includes witnessing, and objecting to, the 'field engineering' practices authorized by Colorado Senators Gardner and Bennet used prior to the Gold King Mine disaster.

The author broadcast a Community Radio commentary on Trump's Supreme Court January 20 on KOTO.

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