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A US 'Counter-Insurgency' against the American People?
A Crazy Allegation, Which Just Might be Right


Like war in the Middle East, southern border violence has permeated the otherwise satiated and obese American mind. We have been presented a consistent set of perspectives, but is it really the truth?

Among the educated and still thinking citizenry criticism of American actions in the Middle East is well known, such as the moral hypocrisy of the state of Israel. Once the victims of a genocidal holocaust Israel has become the perpetrators of an identical atrocity against the Palestinian people.

In a recently released video the BBC's Arabic Desk, in conjunction with the Guardian website, details the counter-insurgency tactics of the US in Iraq. BBC and the Guardian allege a divide and conquer effort utilizing Shia militias to battle Sunni resistors, utilizing specialized strategies and personnel developed in El Salvador and Vietnam, including the infamous 'Death Squads'

My question for you: Is the American Military, and whomever actually controls it, is engaging in an ongoing relationship with the Drug Cartels of Mexico creating a holocaust zone of genocidal death on both sides of the US border?

I am now located in the Four Corners area of the American Southwest. My questions are motivated by speculation into clear Federal retaliation stemming from two civil cases, much of which is documented in Court filings. The first is a disability case claiming government malfeasance resulting in psychological stress severe enough to exacerbate moderately severe medical problems. The second is a soap - boxing constitutional challenge against a post foreclosure camping ticket. Proceedings on both of these cases are on record at the US District Court in Denver and the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, also located in Denver.

In addition to these acts of Department of Justice retaliation documented in these records I have also been subject to harassment from individuals that might well be associated with the cartels. Al Jazeera English documents some of this corruption, especially in the border city of Columbus, New Mexico.

I have heard rumors that these organizations are operating as far north as the large indigenous Navajo Reservation, rumors I find credible, if not confirmed.

My current location is just north of this area. My direct experience was at a soup kitchen located in Durango, Colorado, serving economic victims, and other 'usual suspects'. For now I will not go into any more details.

What other evidence is there that supports my personal speculations? Is the US Government, under the Department of Justice, collaborating with the Mexican drug cartels in what amounts to, in the final analysis, a counter-insurgency effort against both the Mexican citizenry, and, their own, marijuana smoking and otherwise, population?

The dominant American military, answerable to no one in the United States besides Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and the US Congress with its majority constituency of legal professionals, clearly has the ability to engage in such a strategy. most specifically the Salvadoran 'Death Squads' and related drug trafficking activity. (Curiously, these allegations were from the 1980's, the start of the era of the arbitrage specialist on Wall Street and the famous New York City night club, Studio 51, known for its cocaine usage.)

The best evidence we have for this is the recent 'Fast and Furious' scandal regarding, allegedly, a failed law enforcement effort to track confiscated guns into the Cartel system. But consider this alternative explanation and apply the muslim/arab analytical technique of 'Occam's Razor' to the possibility that it was actually corrupt agents within the Justice system that were stealing guns on an ongoing, systematic, basis? Recall also that it was Eric Holder who this matter is attributed to. Now, it is possible that Mr. Holder is an evil mastermind, but, more likely, he was brought into the scandal back fire of the 'Fast and Furious' story and it was his successful management of same that earned him the top job.

But consider also that Eric Holder, rank as he may, is still beholden to the Wall Street Oligarchy and that quiet, uber government of nesting russian dolls is itself not above a campaign of fear, misinformation, and death.

They call this terrorism, do they not, and terrorism that involves a border technically qualifies as treason, punishable by death, does it not?

Likely, no proof of this beyond what exists today can be found - but how allegations are handled is, in itself, evidence. The Constitution guarantees us the right to seek redress against our government - violating the civil rights of an individual who makes such allegations as these is a Constitutional crime.

This crime would, does, stand in evidence in spite of legal case law regarding Judicial Immunity and Federal 'Sovereign' Immunity - legal standards themselves stand as evidence of conspiracy and sedition applicable to every adherent of these practices.

Isn't that right Eric Holder? Isn't that right Barack Obama?

P.S. #1 Here is a counter argument to mine - I didn't read it in detail, beyond the introduction, my interpretation being that it, like 'Fast and Furious', is nothing but an intellectual 'counter-insurgency' endeavor.

P.S. #2 What exactly is going in Syria these days with our former Afghan Counter-insurgent, 'friends' Al Qaeda, now fomenting rebellion against the secular, religiously tolerant, government of the dictator Assad?


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